Red Lake: We Must Listen To Our Indigenous People

I have to apologize in advance for having to be so blunt ~ but ~ if we don't listen to the voices of our indigenous people ~ in plain English ~ "We Are All Doomed". A typical example of this is what has happened recently on the Minnesota Chippewa Red Lake Reservation. Patriarchal beliefs invading matriarchal societies results in confusion and violence. To me, it is clear that whenever an individual or group is affected by the opposite of that which is natural ~ chaos and unrest occurs. And if Truth is allowed to reveal itself, we will discover that it is essential that the industrialized world has no choice but to stop inflicting its values on the indigenous peoples of the world. We need to listen to them and learn the truths that they have carried down with them from generation to generation. The few of them that are left must be considered treasures for they hold the secrets that will stop man from being the endangered species he is right now on this planet.

In the United States, we are fortunate to have our Native Americans; and yet we have put them and all others who are in poverty in this country in a position that many of us wouldn't even put our dogs in. Think of the resources we throw away when we throw away human life and human potential. Think of the resources we have in our Native Americans. Yet, we still treat them like a novelty that we can choose to discard whenever our interest in them wanes and they no longer amuse us. They are not here to amuse us. The ones that still "know" are here to teach us, and they and their people must be able to thrive without their traditional ways being violated.

America cannot go forward without the Native Americans going forward too. It doesn't work that way when this was "their" country first. We can cover it up all we want, but it doesn't mean it isn't true. And as long as we deny it, our country will continue to suffer ~ because ~ no one can take unfairly from others and end up well. ~ Patty Ann Smith