The Healing of America

The Hope 4 America Blog is all about Healing with Art, Nature, Community and Inspiration.

I am excited about the new Center on Poverty, Work and Opportunity at the University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill. I have ideas and work that I can contribute to this project and my blog is one way of doing that. I believe that many people are helped by ideas on relaxation, healing thoughts, and a feeling of being connected to each other.

Senator John Edwards is heading the new Center at UNC, and he's a great American and humanitarian. He and his wife, Elizabeth, are constantly in my heart as the most "beautiful" memories of Election 2004. I am BIG on "hope" and both of them never stop delivering that to us. I am inspired by them as well as many other great people in history.

John Edwards voice is so important for America to hear. He is the voice for those who are powerless, and this is so important to "the Healing of America".

Patty Ann Smith