Stop and Take A Break

There's an Angel in Your Garden!

Be Wild and Free!

Protection Against Global Warming Is All About Human Rights

....The HUMAN RIGHT to breathe CLEAN AIR, the right to drink CLEAN WATER, the right to eat PURE FOOD AND to A SAFE, NON-VIOLENT, HEALTHY PLACE TO LIVE.

Every day that we take steps towards SOLVING GLOBAL WARMING....we also take steps toward increasing HUMAN RIGHTS everywhere in the World. ~ Patty Ann Smith

Every Day, Try to Remember..........

"When you arise in the morning, give thanks for the morning light and for your life and strength. Give thanks for your food and the joy of living."


With Hosts: Jeff Corwin, Vanessa Garnick, Philippe Cousteau, and David Mizejewski

The finale of this four-week multimedia nationwide event is this Sunday at 8 PM on ANIMAL PLANET. Sit down and enjoy watching how lives begin in many species of animals that are in the USA. As you watch, you may be one who notices the inherent similarities to our own human beginnings. How our mothers try to protect us, and try to obtain for us the basic things we actually need in order to just survive. We have much in common with the animals, and the way we treat them is often the way we treat other humans, too.

No matter what your parent/child-child/parent relationship is, was, or has been ~ try to muster up "a hug in your heart" for even one thing that person did right in your life. Chances are, there will be more than one when you get started. :)

Be Good. Be Peace.
~ Patty Ann

A Mothers Day Special Event 8 PM Sunday on Animal Planet - SPRING WATCH USA

Don't forget to be good to your own mothers,
Mother Earth,
and all the animal mothers.

Animals and Habitat ~ 8 PM on ANIMAL PLANET

We must co-exist together for the benefit of all life. Many of the unfortunate things that are happening in North America and as far away as in Africa and beyond are because we have not paid enough attention to our connection to the animals. When we disrupt their habitat, we disrupt our own as well. We have shunned the wisdom of the elders about the cycles and seasons of life and having reverence for Mother Earth. We have thought man was almighty and not the animals. We have thought that by controlling, we could win at any cost. We thought that because we could do it to helpless animals, we could also do it to helpless humans. Man has been wrong. There is no action whether good or bad that doesn't have a consequence.

You have seen here for the past two weeks I've been posting reminders on behalf of the Animal Planet miniseries SPRING WATCH USA. Watching springtime babies being born and begin to be raised is a pleasant and educational way for many people to have the opportunity to learn more about how similar humans and animals are when it comes to life beginning and trying to sustain itself. If we can realize our kinship to all life, more reverence for it in all forms is a natural progression. ~ Patty Ann Smith