Simply Living

Photo by Emily ByWater

Ninety percent of a typical human life is spent trying to be something it is not. We spend most of our energies creating stagnant water in building up boundaries to protect us from our natural flow in the river of life.
Caught in a self-centered dream of false accomplishments, we suffer. We are only as great as the sum of all of our parts. It’s the universal intelligence in every cell. I see it in the leaves and flowers unfolding in the spring, and in the natural healing process of a cut on my finger. I see it in the natural activities of animals. I see it less in humans. When we get caught up in thinking that things aren’t the way we want them to be, we seem to lose our simplicity. Understanding the simplest things are paramount to our true survival, yet we have abandoned it. We don’t have to be ashamed to re-own simplicity. There is great joy in doing so. Let’s consider how much we’ve come to "want" in life and the price we have to pay for it. The cost sometimes unfortunately can even be our own health and happiness. We get stuck in something that’s not working but don’t change it. We get stuck in a consensus reality that doesn’t bring us happiness or health and we waste our today’s believing that it’s okay to do that....because surely it’s gotta be worth it in the end. Well, in the end we all die. What’s more important than simply living. ~ Patty Ann Smith

We Are ALL Relatives:)