My NEW CD!!!

Meditation CD by Patty Ann Smith
Unlike my two music albums, this is a meditation album (spoken audio) on topics that are close to my heart, and I have, also, written about. Like New Orleans, War, Peace, Nature, Spirituality, Metaphysics, the Environment, World Cultures, and Holistic Health...and, also, people like the Dalai Lama, Rachel Carson, and others....some of the topics I’ve even taught and given talks on in bookstores and colleges. And, what I hope to accomplish with this album is to relieve some of the suffering in our world for the 23 minutes of this CD whenever you listen to it; and when it’s over, you feel just a little more hope about whatever you might need in your own precious life.
This continuous track of 15 uplifting meditative messages with reflective guitar music by Craig Smith and soothing sounds of nature, is the best from a collection of my Heart Stuff spoken audio series. I hope you enjoy it!
Silently, be drawn by the pull of what you really love...stand in your Truth...and move and live in Joy!
Peace and Love