A Council of All Beings

We are all embedded in the web of life, and it is your birthright to enjoy an empowering kinship with other species. There is a Council of All Beings and Evolutionary Remembering. Through practice, we must become familiar with Earth and All Beings. Don’t take yourself too seriously. We are now on the path of shifting from the industrial growth society to a life sustaining civilization. ~ Joanna Macy

Guitar Olympics

Guitar Olympics offers insight to various levels of the "Art Of Guitar", as it is presented worldwide by guitarists who have, and still are studying and applying their skills on the instrument. While most of these artists are often highly trained, some have been non-traditional in their acquisition of their techniques... learning not always from written music, but from others by the transferal of abilities through observation and skilled listening. It is generally their high level of skill that sets them apart from the "Strummers and Pickers" of guitars that are so often seen, and therefore places them at the level of Olympic Guitarists.

"We Are The Guitar".

Those of you who play at the depth of the soul know exactly what this means. the guitar, in the hands of the player, is an extension of those hands, and the entire body... both physical and spiritual. We explore the music landscape that resides within and then present it to the world. Perhaps we even to some extent help shape that world. Music is a journey, the traveler "musician" ventures out to discover his or her own Holy Grail. That special series of sounds that are life changing, and perhaps often life extending. This YouTube channel is not about me, sure I am a guitarist too, butit is about the magic in music and the guitar. It is dedicated to the "Real" Sound Of Music that the truly inspired guitarist shapes as he or she plays, bringing out ethereal forms that float through the air and only materialize when there are ears to hear them. As Michael Angelo said about sculpture... he did not make the sculpture, but only released it from the stone... so it is with music and the guitar. The sounds are there just waiting to be released, all you need is a guitarist. www.youtube.com/GuitarOlympics