Remembering Katrina

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I wrote the song "What Do You Say" right after Hurricane Katrina, and I'm putting it on here at the first anniversary of such horrific devastation...some of which we know was not just caused by mother nature, but by human neglect both prior and after the tragedy.

My song here today is in remembrance of all those who suffered and continue to suffer from its entire year later.

The people of the United States are part of the population of the whole world who continue to be victims of human injustice and tragedies that can too soon be forgotten in our fast-paced lives. I remember them because "There but for the grace of God go I". ~ Patty Ann Smith

What We All Have In Common

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Real understanding comes about when we are all willing to look beyond our differences and embrace our common humanity.

Heaven on Earth

"With Heaven on Earth, every nation will spontaneously radiate a nourishing influence to neighboring nations, and the whole family of nations will naturally enjoy harmony and real freedom." ~ Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Under The Influence

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"Being under the influence
of negative energy
is the end of inspiration,
the end of excellence,
the demise of the human mind,
and the loss of skills."

~ Patty Ann Smith

How to Mastermind Your Own Loss of Excellence

1. Don't ask questions.
2. Believe others and don't do any research on your own.
3. Be afraid... be very afraid... live your life in fear.
4. Believe everything you see and hear.
Prescription for Life ~
Have More Time to Enjoy It.

Animals Speak!

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Our innate spiritual connection to the earth begins the minute we take the first steps towards treating the earth sacred right where we live and where we work. Nature is just outside practically everyone's door. And, we have to become like little children and discover that again for the first time. ~ Patty Ann Smith

This magnificent creature
Crossed my path today.
A long lost connection to my primal roots...
In the form of a wolf-shepherd puppy.
The eyes told all. I knew him well.
We have met before...that puppy and I.
We will meet again...and
...I will know him by his eyes.

~ Patty Ann Smith

Wake Up Call!

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The" wake up call" to eliminate war, greed, and prejudice
~ is ~
Global Warming!

The Descent of Man

Many industrialized nations are becoming more and more removed from nature, as money and material success become their "Gods"...while Indigenous Peoples around the world still maintain their reverence for the Earth. And, like the Native American Indians, their relationship to the Earth is part of their everyday life. I strongly suspect that man's escalation of unhealthy minds, greed, prejudice, and wars is in direct correlation to man's steady descent from his innate spiritual connection to the Earth. ~ Patty Ann Smith

Where Have All The Flowers Gone

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(from a song by Pete Seeger)

....Girls have picked them every one.

....Where have all the young men gone?
Gone for soldiers every one.

....Where have all the soldiers gone?
Gone to graveyards every one.

....When will WE ever learn!

If There's Ever Been A Time For Peace In The World ~ IT IS NOW!

My song "You And I Are One" --- Followed by a short talk on my concerns about the survival of the people, plants and animals of this planet.



"I go to Nature
To be soothed and healed,
And to have my senses put in tune once more."
~ John Burroughs