from Al Gore ~ regarding Haiti Earthquake

part of an Email that I'm always honored to get from Al Gore:

"Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, with 85% of Haitians already living in desperate poverty. Now, with hospitals in ruin, dire shortages of even basic necessities like fresh water, and no way to find out whether family members are alive, the Haitian people urgently need our help.....

There are moments when we, as human beings, must come together as a global community and as stewards of each others' health and welfare. It is that sense of interconnectedness that brought each of us to the climate movement, and it is moments like this that bring out the best in us -- as individuals, as a nation, and as a movement."

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map photo is from USGS

from Conservation International...and "Patty"

From Conservation International ~ 2010

Happy New Year

In the coming year, we’ll be taking on some of the great issues of our lifetime including:

working to secure a stable global climate;

understanding and protecting the sources and flows of fresh water;

ensuring nature's ability to provide food for human needs;

minimizing environmental pressures on human health;

valuing the role of nature in human cultures;

safeguarding the unknown and as-yet-undiscovered option values that nature provides; and

saving our oceans – which are threatened like never before by climate change, pollution and over-fishing.

photo by Craig Smith