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Sometimes, so much confusion abounds in a single day
that I tend to cover my heart with "mind" things ~
thinking that my heart is not enough to give!
But, that is an illusion...the truth is:
The heart is the most we can give!

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"Do your work, then step back.
The only path to serenity."

the Tao

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The Campaign for a U.S. Department of PEACE

The Peace Alliance

The Story of The Bulldozer and The Meandering River

The meandering river cannot get out of the way of the bulldozer. But the bulldozer can be directed to get out of the way of the meandering river.
Unfortunately, the way of the world is that the meandering river is more likely to get "severely" damaged than the bulldozer.
The lucky rivers are the ones in locations the bulldozers have not yet touched.
The unfortunate rivers that have frequently been disturbed by bulldozers, continually struggle to survive the damages.
The river doesn’t know when the bulldozer is coming. The mighty machine just suddenly arrives and destroys the flow of everything that was there in that moment of time ~ forever.
~ Patty Ann Smith

(photos by Craig Smith)

Thirty seven Million Americans live in poverty.....One out of every 8 of us. This is a national disgrace. ~ John Edwards

"A Peaceful Solution" - Patty Ann Smith's version of a song written by Willie & Amy Nelson

A New Era ~ "The Age of Creativity"

As of 7-7-07, the day that THE LIVE EARTH CONCERTS resonated around the world, we are embarking on a New Era ~ which I call "The Age of Creativity". The time has come to give a creative new life to as many things that are already here as possible by reducing, reusing and recycling. Artists and Musicians can be the ones that lead us into the future.
We are moving away from the idea of "Art for Art’s sake" and into the idea of Meaningful and Purposeful Art. We have opportunities to be co-creators in helping the growth, well-being and survival of the planet.
This is "The Beginning of History’s Most Compelling Story of Hope"....Responding to an SOS ....Saving Our Environment and Saving Our Selves. What is absolutely essential for man is Peace and A Live Earth.
A Live Earth and Peace are "creative acts" and require "creative acts" from all of us, as well.
The world cannot afford anymore deadly childish games. Wars are not ecologically-friendly and are crimes against the earth and, therefore, would also be crimes against humanity.
Wars are barbaric, archaic, and unacceptable for man to still be creating at this stage of human evolution. War must stop being part of human life, because "We Cannot Have A Live Earth Without Peace".


Patty Ann Smih

A Rainbow of Hope

graphic art by Craig Smith

A Rainbow of Hope

This is the Beginning of a Great Journey for Peace and Hope 4 America...And The Whole World. Right Now, There's a Rainbow of Hope around our endangered Earth, and That Rainbow Is Us!


Treasure it and keep it Sacred!

And We Have Willie!

Willie Nelson

Just like everything else, PEACE AND THE ENVIRONMENT are intricately connected.
This Saturday, 7-7-07, for 24 hours, musicians will be performing all around the world to raise awareness for us "Saving Our Selves"(SOS) on this LIVE EARTH.
Be There
Be Peace
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We...The Human Species...

A statement from Al Gore:

WE -- the human species -- have arrived at a moment of decision. It is unprecedented and even laughable for us to imagine that we could actually make a conscious choice as a species, but that is nevertheless the challenge that is before us.
Our home -- Earth -- is in danger. What is at risk of being destroyed is not the planet itself, but the conditions that have made it hospitable for human beings.
Without realizing the consequences of our actions, we have begun to put so much carbon dioxide into the thin shell of air surrounding our world that we have literally changed the heat balance between Earth and the Sun. If we don’t stop doing this pretty quickly, the average temperature will increase to levels humans have never known and put an end to the favorable climate balance on which our civilization depends.

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Unconditional Love

We cannot have a Live Earth without Peace.

Unconditional Love

Unyielding Hope

Unlimited Compassion

The Willie Nelson Peace Research Institute