A New Era ~ "The Age of Creativity"

As of 7-7-07, the day that THE LIVE EARTH CONCERTS resonated around the world, we are embarking on a New Era ~ which I call "The Age of Creativity". The time has come to give a creative new life to as many things that are already here as possible by reducing, reusing and recycling. Artists and Musicians can be the ones that lead us into the future.
We are moving away from the idea of "Art for Art’s sake" and into the idea of Meaningful and Purposeful Art. We have opportunities to be co-creators in helping the growth, well-being and survival of the planet.
This is "The Beginning of History’s Most Compelling Story of Hope"....Responding to an SOS ....Saving Our Environment and Saving Our Selves. What is absolutely essential for man is Peace and A Live Earth.
A Live Earth and Peace are "creative acts" and require "creative acts" from all of us, as well.
The world cannot afford anymore deadly childish games. Wars are not ecologically-friendly and are crimes against the earth and, therefore, would also be crimes against humanity.
Wars are barbaric, archaic, and unacceptable for man to still be creating at this stage of human evolution. War must stop being part of human life, because "We Cannot Have A Live Earth Without Peace".


Patty Ann Smih