on Poverty, Work, and Opportunity

I subscribe to One America's e-mail. Here is an excerpt from a letter I, and many others, received yesterday from John Edwards:

"While poverty is all around us, the first step in eradicating it is to shine a bright light on it. Here's what we know: 36 million Americans live in poverty today, which is 13 million more than 30 years ago. About one in four working families is earning so little they struggle to make ends meet. And nearly 30 percent of families have less than $10,000 in assets - which means that the value of their savings, their home, and their car altogether is less than 10,000."

How can we allow this in America! How can we allow it in the World! I am so intricately connected to this cause. As the title of my Blog indicates: Hope 4 America means Hope 4 the whole world!

Listen to John and Elizabeth Edwards first podcast today at: http://www.oneamericacommittee.com