International Blogging For Disaster Relief Day

Please also check out what other bloggers are doing today to help relieve some of this immense suffering. Click on the "International Blogging For Disaster Relief Day" link on the sidebar and you will find many ideas to choose from if you are looking for some extra ways to help. Right now there is a real need to take digital cameras to shelters and start getting as many individual pictures of survivors as possible. Since it is such a massive undertaking, many people are needed to do this. If I were near one, that would be something I'd very much like to do. Because, it would truly relieve some of the anxiety of the survivors to know that their picture might reach their loved ones. But, "I" am not near one. Anyone who is and is interested, go to Andy Carvin's Katrina Aftermath for more information.

The song below is Dedicated To All The Victims and Survivors of Hurricane Katrina. Our thoughts are with every one of you!