Communities were not meant to "weed" people out but to bring people from all different beliefs and walks of life together.

It seems that there is a growing number of "ex"clusive communities popping up. Communities that become a means of segregation and discrimination by class, race, religion, politics, etc...membership (either initially or eventually) required, and some with strict beliefs to adhere to in order to stay in. Almost without words, it is understood that unless you believe in what they believe in, if you are not like them ~ don't bother to apply. At the same time, there seems to be an ever decreasing number of "in"clusive communities. Where does that leave everybody else. Where does it leave those who don't want to belong to any one group but to be on good terms with ALL? Many of them will end up having no community at all because the ones that are inclusive of every citizen in town are disappearing. What does that say about our society. We aren't supposed to be re-gressing, we're supposed to be pro-gressing. We should've learned better by now.