Let Our Memory of Them Be A Prayer In Action..."Humanity for Humanity"

The conditions that so many of us have seen and heard with our own eyes and ears first-hand recently (via the media and/or being there) exists on a regular basis everyday on this Earth. And, only by making sacred what we've started now can we make it preventable in the future. What kind of a world do each of us really want when we think about it? I personally hope it's one with a decent human existence for all. And, as my friend, AnonyMoses, alluded to on another post: Let's not let over 100,000 deaths be in vain. Let our memory of them be "a prayer in action" for as long as it takes to vanquish starvation, poverty, and disease throughout the world. Let it be our life purpose, and pass it on to our children and grandchildren...this great honoring of "Humanity for Humanity". And, let there be music, and singing, and dancing, and joy as we do it.

Read "Disaster Relief: Overfunding Is Impossible" by AnonyMoses at http://oneworld.smartcampaigns.com