The Incredible Mastery of Johnny Carson

I would've loved to have been able to know him. What could I have "learned" from such a Master of Humor...a follower of stars (both figuratively and literally). I found out upon his death that he was an Astronomer and...considering his other fields of excellence...I could easily believe that he was a "scholar of the heavens" as well!

Whatever happened to "Striving for Excellence" ~ even if we don't actually achieve it? Overwhelming mediocrity has taken over so many of our lives...and there are so few Masters left! Where are the Astronomers? Where are the Anthropologists? Where are the Fishermen?

How are we ever going to find our Way again...if all of us "potential masters" waste our seed on being "wanna be's" instead of becoming "all we're capable of being".

When you get a chance, find and enjoy some of Johnny Carson's work ~ and get a glimpse of what a "Master" is.

A Master makes everything look easy ~ but is actually a "genius at work".