"Ecopsychology: Restoring the Earth, Healing the Mind"

This title alone is enough to be mentioned here because of my passion for all living things...and that includes US. But on top of that, it happens to be a groundbreaking book from the 90's on how much our mental, physical and spiritual health is tied to the health of nature. One of its authors is Dr. Theodore Roszak...a leader in the Ecopsychology movement...which has inspired me since my first awareness of it and was part of the inspiration for me creating The Spiritual Earth Coalition www.spiritualearthcoalition.com/.

I will be speaking more about these things here, because they are very much a part of what I am passionate about: The Arts, Nature, Beauty, and Truth.

You can find out more about Ecopsychology at

Also, today, go to Robert Stribley's "Hitched to Everything" blog
http://stribs.blogspot.com/ and read some lines of a poem "The Waking", by renowned poet Theodore Roethke, that reminds us to pay attention to what nature has to tell us.