We Are Supposed To Be An Advanced Civilization

This was a headline at the Kerry-Edwards Blog:

" Stop Sacrificing Science For Ideology".

Michael J. Fox was campaigning with John Kerry in New Hampshire, and both spoke on the topic of stem cell research. Michael has Parkinsons Disease, and stem cell research has the potential to cure Parkinsons as well as Alzheimers, Diabetes and many other diseases. Kerry believes that some of the most pioneering treatments could be right at our fingertips, but remain beyond our reach until the stem cell ban is lifted. When John Kerry is President, he will lift that ban!

We Are "An Advanced Civilization" and it is absolutely illogical, unethical, and rediculous to sacrifice science for ideology when we have already learned from numerous examples in history and know better. How could we possibly even think of going back to the Dark and Middle Ages of ignorance.. after so many advancements and discoveries.

We are supposed to be an advanced civilization. And my definition of an advanced civilization is: mankind understanding that we live in a meaningful, continuously evolving universe, dedicated to inclusiveness, interdependence, appreciation, sensitivity, adaptability, and responsibility.