Remember This...

LARGE Government = DEMOCRACY (three equal branches: Executive, Legislative, and Judicial). When this is an intricately balanced system, Large Government provides opportunities and benefits for masses of people who are in need of help one way or another that enrich their lives and the life of the country.

SMALL Government = DICTATORSHIP (one branch: Executive!). When there are No "Other" Branches of Government (or are only ones that are there as figureheads), then there is no ability to have balance...and no need either. Because, when a middle class ceases to exist and there is only a "Ruling Class" and "the poor", the masses have no choice but to accept being Controlled by a Financially Powerful Hierarchy. Nothing is contestable anymore after that, because, technically, they even control the food, the water, and the air you breathe. Those who think they are with the hierarchy ...are fools. Because to those who seek that kind of who are just an ordinary person (even if you like to think of yourself "heading to the top") are only one of two things to them: "useable" or "expendable". Be careful of the game you get involved with and who you think you are, because you may be sorry that you weren't more careful about what you believed.

We are at a crossroad...make your choices wisely.