The Direction We Need To Go In...In Order To Be Whole

Aside from, but not separate from, ones own personal religion...there is the spirituality of everyday life. We all share similar feelings when we walk out in nature, or listen to the birds, or watch a sunset. We are all part of this intricate web of life...not just the life of our own small little groups but all life on earth.

America is our piece of Mother Earth to be good stewards of. The earth's natural resources sustain our lives, and it's important for us to become more reverent of her and what she gives us. We need to make a necessary transformation to be more in harmony with nature and each other. Having a more meaningful relationship with nature, heightens our awareness of the spiritual in everyday life. And, that leads to an improvement in how we treat each other. From that comes more reverence for ALL life on earth...which in turn diminishes the need for suffering.

~ Patty Ann Smith