The Truth About No Child left Behind

If "no child left behind" means just being trained to pass tests, memorize questions and answers and do what you're told, that would certainly not be enough for our children to grow up with a healthy curiosity about the world around them. In order for our children to greet the future of the 21st century and all the possibilities it holds for building more fulfilling lives, they will need more contact with nature and the natural sciences...more education about biodiversity and ecosystems...more experiences with the rhythms and cycles of nature...more experiences that can heighten their awareness of the interconnectedness of all things. Why? Because, by discovering some things for themselves, children get more involved with learning and gain a deeper understanding of what they're doing. Nature is a great teacher. Science, mathematics, medicine, art, music, all come from nature. With a natural understanding of things, young people become better scientists, better doctors, better teachers, better artists, better musicians. As creative, thinking individuals, they can go out into the world and the 21st century with all they need to be hopeful that they can make a difference in making this world better. And, they will know that everything isn't weighed in titles, awards, or money...and there are a lot more things that are graded by the richness of the experience.