My Thoughts About John Kerry

First of all, I thought John Kerry's speech at Temple University was outstanding and powerful, and he shined as an example of a true leader. Coupled with his speech at New York University...both within a few days of each other...places him in a firm position as a man of peace with a common sense strategy on how to eventually make world peace a reality.

After the painful candidate elimination of some very good men and a very fine woman, the Democratic party asked John Kerry to be our emissary for changing the direction of this country. Already this past year, great sacrifices have been made by many good people so our beloved America could have one last chance to change our direction away from catastrophe.

One part of that catastrophe would be to privatize what are now many government services and means of assistance. Right now (at least I think it is still true...unless some edict was signed late on a "Friday" afternoon we were never told about!), MOST of our population would not have retirement benefits (ie. social security) without federal assistance...would not have public schools to go to without federal assistance...and could not go to college without federal assistance. In other words, Federal Government Assistance are "not dirty words". It's a way (often not perfect...but a way) to attempt to secure "a safety net" for millions of of the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. How else could millions of people, with no two people thinking "exactly" alike, feel anything less than a sense of insecurity and chaos...which would turn into anarchy and a two class system of only the rich and the poor and that would no longer be a democracy. We would become nothing more than other countries we see right now whose people fight against oppression by dictators only to find bloodshed in return.

I ask all voters to seriously consider what you're voting for. You're not voting for a man. You are voting for a "cause" Keep American Democracy Alive! John Kerry, and the good people who surround him, embody the cause of "Keeping Democracy Alive".

There are many who predict that this chance will never come again in our lifetime. It is not a statement to create fear but one to wake us up and get us off our butts to ..."Vote and Take Our Country Back".

"John Kerry is Our Man" no matter what you think of Vietnam, or his personality, or his financial privileges...or "whatever". Just remember he's a Democrat and what makes Democrats so "cool" is that ALL Democrats, rich or poor, care about "the rights of the people"'s in our blood!

By the way, don't hold it against him for actually going through a "thinking process" and changing his mind sometimes. That's the mark of a "better man", not a worse one. The type of person I'd want in the White House would be someone who would, if new facts came in, have the "guts" to stop and change order to protect us better.

"Winning and Losing" is a dangerous fantasy played out anywhere else but in sports (and lately, we've noticed that it may even be a dangerous fantasy in sports, too). The alternative to winning and losing is "Cooperation", and cooperation is a "reality" that has a very good record of bearing fruit. My thoughts about John Kerry are about him being a "good" fruit bearer for millions of Americans..and the whole world.

~ Patty Ann Smith