It's All In A Day's Death Toll

The Associated Press reports from Iraq that bombings killed at least 35 children there today. "Early" information has "at least" one U.S. soldier dead, at least 141 people wounded which includes....10 U.S. soldiers. (expect more)

In another location entirely, the day of violence left an additional 46 people dead and an additional 208 wounded.

Reports are that this is the largest death toll of children in any insurgent attack since the conflict began 17 months ago.

We must think about this as we listen to the Debate tonight and remember one man wants to keep us in war and the other wants to lead us to peace. Whichever man you choose for President, your vote votes for the Direction he is going in as well. And, once the elections are over, the direction the majority of us vote for will be irreversible.

I, for one, am broken hearted every time I hear the death toll that is being caused by violence in Iraq (or anywhere in the world). So, how ever the Debate turns out tonight and no matter what the "polls" say... I am voting for John Kerry for President to break the cycles of war and begin the 21st century, with what it "should've" begun with...and would be fitting at this advanced time in the history of our cultures and civilizations...the cycles of Peace.

Patty Ann Smith