The Times They Are A Changing

I just read about something called "peak oil". Peak oil is basically when extraction of oil from the earth reaches its highest point and then begins to decline. It signals the end of cheap energy and the beginning of mankind making right choices in advancing civilization with a renewable resourcefulness and ability to adapt to changes.

Many experts are saying we have already reached the peak. In Newsweeks February 17, 2004 update on Technology and Science, a report entitled "Crude Awakening" is about peak oil. So, we really need to start thinking about what kind of world each of us really would want to live in. One way will make it more and more impossible to be civilized and humane. The other way (if we could possibly change our thinking to what should be really important to us as human beings...namely, preventing the extinction of our species and all the good mankind has created in order to preserve it) would make it possible for the middle class, the rich and the poor to work together in harmony with each other for the universal good of all life that inhabits this planet.

Patty Ann Smith

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