What Could Be More Un-American

What could be more un-American than people trying to discredit a soldiers medals. That is sacred territory. And, if it no longer is, then think about the almost 1,000 dead of ours right now...many of whom received medals. Are we going to start investigating whether they or their still living comrades deserved theirs. This is not about Pete Rose and baseball. This is about an American soldier, John Kerry, and as we speak we have thousands of his band of brothers in Iraq who have already earned or will soon be getting medals of their own. If you taint one soldiers medals, you taint them all. What are they to think when they hear this news from home. "You mean "my" medals that I sacrificed my life for are "not" unconditional?" "You mean if I'm a bad boy or girl somewhere down the road, or I take to the bottle because of some future twist or turn of fate and I'm not a model citizen OR if I disagree and say so about some future President of my country...that I no longer deserve what is mine?" Then maybe I don't want to fight this war anymore...because, THIS cinches it...if it does all that, then it's an un-Godly, un-American, inhumane war!