War and Lies

The day John Kerry becomes President will be a good day for America. I have come to the conclusion that the symbolism of revisiting the Vietnam War as a means of choosing our next President may simply come down to Divine Providence. The Vietnam Vets...and John Kerry is one of them... that tell the truth about Vietnam are here to liberate America from over 30 years of lies. This country has been built more and more on lies ever since then. The Vietnam Vets are vital in the fight for America to reclaim its soul. A vote for John Kerry for President is a vote for us, as a nation, to have closure from the past filled with lies. John Kerry's Mission will not be completed until America is free from those lies that have continued since the Vietnam War right up to today and the War in Iraq. Both wars have been mistakes dominated by cheating, lying, secret activities, and covering things up. If you look, you will see that these are not the "End Times" of the world...but the "End Times" of cheating, lying, secret actvities, and covering things up and "getting away with it". And, sometimes it seems like hell is upon us because, as Dicken's wrote: "Dishonesty will stare honesty out of countenance any day in the week, if there is anything to be got by it." Lies don't die easy. Peoples lives have been built on them. But, that which is hidden is BEING revealed, and these revelations give us the chance to change our course by voting for a change. How can a nation move forward with lies? It can't. That's why we need John Kerry and John Edwards to take us forward with more honesty and hope for our humanity.