We Are Life's Music So Let Us Dance

I am a person who believes that hope is a major ingredient in the process of healing ~ whether it's in the healing of our body, or our mind or our nation, and right now we have reason to hope because we still have the right to choose. Unfortunately, if we do not exercise that right, we can soon loose it. It's so easy to want to go back to sleep and let someone else take care of the "not so fun stuff" but when we do that, we relinquish our ability to control ourselves. And, once we hand that over to someone else, it's very difficult to get it back.

For a moment of pleasure, we can lose something treasurable forever. And, the deliverers of pleasure are smooth and skilled to make it easy for you to trust them and handover your soul. The theft is so quick, you'd have to be a magician, yourself, to see it. We are always trying to find pleasure and avoid pain, and the tricksters in the world masterfully use that to make us feel good and get what they want.

One of the things we need to do is to decide whether or not we are willing to experience a little pain in order to be awake...or do we just want to remain drugged and feeling carefree, and never experience being truly alive...with the tremendous love and understanding that comes from honest passion, heartache and pain and the priceless lessons those emotions give us. Where are your guts. It's easy to take a drink. It's not easy to make hard choices in life, but it's a thousand times more rewarding to feel alive than numbed.

Start checking out what's happening in the world around you. Ask important questions and from a broad spectrum of people. Don't settle for one persons answer. Don't feel self-conscious that your question might be silly. Just ask it. You'd be surprised how many people feel the same as you. When you make a decision, "never make it to spite somebody" and "never make it to please somebody". You'll know it's the right decision if you learn as much as you can on your own and not allow anyone to change your mind. You'll know, when in the pit of your stomach, you feel peace, comfort and a sigh of relief that regardless of whatever anybody else might say or think...you made your own decision and it feels real good.