"This Moment on Earth"

"Today's New Environmentalists And Their Vision For The Future"

"In this passionate and personal book, Senator John Kerry and Teresa Heinz Kerry shine the spotlight on an inspiring cross-section of new environmental pioneers."

In the first chapter of their book, they write:

"The people you will meet in this book do not all know each other. They did not meet on an environmental Web site. They do not necessarily buy organic vegetables or fair trade coffee. They are not even all members of the same political party. In fact, many of them do not consider themselves part of a "movement", or, for that matter, even want to be called "environmentalists". They are down to earth pragmatic people who have set out to solve a problem, often in the face of great opposition from vested interests, and largely unsupported by government. But the odds have not deterred them.
What they have in common is that the changes they have brought about all began as spirited, individual crusades backed by nothing more than a sense that they were doing the right thing."

In their book, the Kerry's bring us an exemplary message of hope through people, businesses, and communities that are innovative and creative in making a global difference. In this book we get informed about things like what's being done about the connection between toxins in our environment and cancer, and what can be done about the pollution of our oceans and waterways. "This Moment on Earth" is written in a way that makes it quite clear that the health of our environment and the health of man are intricately connected. It also includes an extensive guide on where and how readers can get involved.

This is an inspiring book. And in the Kerry's own words: "On every issue addressed in this book, our purpose is to inform, warn, and inspire." I'd say they succeeded. ~ Patty Ann Smith