Don't Miss The Next 4 Episodes of SPRING WATCH USA On Animal Planet

Animal Planet's SPRING WATCH USA is a fantastic event. The spring is all about birth and life, and SPRING WATCH opens the mind and increases our understanding and appreciation of "all creatures great and small". The animals have just as much right to be here as we humans do. And, as we grow in understanding of that, we also grow in wanting to reach out and help them when they're in trouble. They, like us humans, can sometimes be in real need of a helping hand. And, if any of us are going to survive as a species it will be because of mutual respect and reverence for life itself of which all four of the star hosts (Jeff, Vanessa, Philippe, and David) are very good examples. ~ Patty Ann Smith

To find interactive material online to go along with each episode, go to SPRING WATCH USA and begin exploring and discovering "a sense of place".