Green Roofs, Anybody? :)

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Green Roofs are really "COOL"!

They are used to:

- grow fruits, vegetables, and flowers
- reduce heating "and" cooling loads on a building
- increase roof life span
- reduce stormwater runoff
- filter pollutants and CO2 out of the air
- filter pollutants and heavy metals out of rain water
- increase wildlife habitat in built up areas

Between 1989 and 1999, roofing companies in Germany installed nearly 350 million square feet of green roofs, and it's estimated that the Green Roof industry in Germany is growing anywhere between 10% - 15% every year. Green Roof technology there has been honed to a fine art.

Let's Catch Up, America!

Below are a sampling of some very nice sites I found while doing my research. They were an inspiring and pleasant experience for me. I hope they are for you, too

- Michigan State University Green Roof Research Program:
- Garden Visit. Com:
- Green Roofs. Com:
- Penn State Green Roof Research:
- WSUD. Org: