Extended Family

web photo of another dog Posted by Picasa

Suzie, our neighborhood's little stray dog, decided to have her puppies....7 of them....under OUR porch. We now have an extended family.

It's an amazing thing to watch the ways of animals. I learn so much from them. In the past, I wrote articles on animal behavior which were published in national magazines. I recorded in journals certain animals behaviors that I could observe in close proximity to where I lived....and created human interest stories from them of cycles of behavior from bluebirds raising their young to a cat recovering from a major life or death situation. I don't have time to do that anymore, but whether it's a squirrel or a bird or a cat or a dog or an anole, I always have deep appreciation for those who cross my path. I always take some time to see what they have to teach me. And, even though I don't write it down anymore, I never forget "it".....or them. ~ Patty Ann Smith