Man is Basically a Spiritual Being

I tend to look at everything as part of "the spirituality of everyday life".

I have seen alcoholism up-close, drug addiction up-close, diabetes up-close and have seen how it can destroy the body until there's nothing left but death. I have seen a father and a brother come back from wars and how they handled the rest of their lives carrying with them what they had to do. I've been a child whose father was away for almost a year at a time, knowing he might never return, and with a faith that only a child could have....give him a little religious medal to carry in his pocket to keep him safe. Believing without seeing is so much easier for children. It is truly part of the grace of God. I have experienced the confusion of children of alcoholic parents and know what it's like to feel abandoned whether a parent is present or not.

In our worst moments, what we are most likely to hold onto is "something spiritual". Something spiritual to rid us of our addictions, something spiritual to rid us of the pain of our losses, something simply make life better.

The seasons and the cycles of life are two of the most beautiful teachers of truth. Everything has come from nature and everything returns there. Nature is a strong spiritual force that helps me to better understand life and the necessity of change.