The Bee

On my walk today, I stopped to watch this bee move from flower to flower in my neighbor's garden. She didn't flit like a butterfly. She was more like a trapeze acrobat flying through the air with the greatest of ease swinging her way to her next destination.

At first, her selection of the next flower to go to appeared to be random. But the longer I stood there, I noticed something else. The bee "trusted" the wind to lead her to her next flower. As she went with the flow, she effortlessly got what she needed.

She gravitated to the bright yellow centers of both fresh and decaying flowers. There was something worthwhile for her on each of those she stayed at. Every part of the bee was in divine proportion and perfect harmony in any given moment with what it was doing.

I never cease to be in awe anytime I witness even the tiniest of nature's wonders.