A Test of Time

Groundbreaking books about the environment in the last century didn't lie. Rachel Carson's book "Silent Spring" didn't lie. Al Gore's book "Earth In The Balance: Ecology and the Human Spirit" didn't lie. What's really amazing to me is that WE DIDN'T pay enough attention to them!

How could we so easily forget, so easily choose to ignore, something so important to our very existence as human beings.

Rachel Carson was "a courageous woman who took on the chemical industry and raised important questions about humankind's impact on nature". It is now well documented that the increase in cancer correlates with the increase of chemical pollutants that enter our water and food chains. Ms Carson was a renowned nature author and a marine biologist and was "happiest writing about the strength and resilience of natural systems" through which she expressed her awareness of the interconnnectedness of nature with all living things.

Al Gore's book on the environment offered "bold initiatives for change". And, although he warned of a worldwide crisis due to our seriously threatened climate, water, soil, and diversity of plant and animal life, he enthusiastically proposed that a radical rethinking of our relationship with nature (that was matched with action) ~ could still make change possible.

It is a FACT that the earth has been seriously jeopardized and damaged by environmental pollution. But, if we respected the earth and treated it sacred, we could ward off so many ills on this planet. If we strive for pure water, clean air, and safe food...we'd be heading in a good direction. War is a great destroyer of the earth. It is born of greed and conquest and creates catastrophic destruction of lives. There is nothing sacred about war. It only leads to neglect and abuse of all that really is sacred. We have been given a test of time. Let's not be too late.