Discover Your Life-Place

The following are inspired excerpts from an essay I read by Peter Berg, Director of Planet Drum Foundation and creator of "Discovering Your Life-Place"

Each person lives in a specific life-place that is an essential part of the planetary web of life. Whenever we become compatible with our local life systems in our own home place, we begin to maintain and restore life right where we live. And, this is a genuine and necessary remedy that will aid more wide-ranging cures such as decreasing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere or reducing global warming.

Rebuilding a role for human beings in the natural flows of the place where they live will not be achieved by a grade at the end of a term. Results cannot be determined through evaluations such as examinations or tests. This goal can only be measured by the degree of an individual's involvement in the accomplishment of direct, practical results. This is a life-long journey and exploration of what a life-place means by learning to identify with and become part of a planetary biosphere. As much as we can grow in this direction as humans, we will be partners with the web of life and not the destroyers of it.