Balancing and Blending With Each Other Is Essential To Maintaining The Greater Whole

Yin and yang, male and female, sun and moon, night and day, hot and cold, north and south, east and west,...neither can exist without the other. They are all pairs of opposites that are dependent on each other in order to maintain balance.

The Ancient Chinese observed the sky and discovered that every day the universe is in a continual process of change. It's easy for us to understand that the sun, moon and universe change with ease but it is not so easy at all for us to apply those principles to our own lives in the Western World that we live in. Even though this is the most natural occurrence in the process of life/in every living thing...many of us do not allow this life affirming ease and freedom of movement to be a significant and qualitative part of our own lives. And, by not accepting the balancing and blending of opposites in our lives, each of us in our own way eventually comes to a crossroad where our own mental and/or physical health is impaired because of it. Yin and yang are opposites that cyclicly unfold and evolve together. They cannot exist without both parts. Everything in the world is in relationship to something else and is intended to create some sort of balance with each other...and oftentimes, harmony as well.

Balance and Continual Change ~ is the secret to Peace.

~ Patty Ann Smith