"Imagine No Possessions"

Pope John Paul II had no possessions ~ and yet people all over the world knew who he was.

He was a world ambassador for social justice and a champion of the poor. He said that "violence and war can never resolve the problems of men"; And, that "respect for life, and above all for the dignity of the human person, is the ultimate guiding norm for any economic, industrial, or scientific purpose". He believed that every individual's life should be able to be lived in dignity from birth 'til death.

The Pope gave comfort and hope to all those he touched. He believed that people of all religions were brothers under God....and did not believe that different religions meant a "separation" but rather were a "unity" with differences. He showed us that peace has nothing to do with us not being able to get along...because we can. It is greed that destroys peace.

"Faced with today's problems and disappointments, many people will try to escape from their responsibility. Escape is selfishness; escape in sexual pleasure, escape in drugs, escape in violence, escape in indifference and cynical attitudes. I propose to you the option of love, which is the opposite of escape."

"Man always travels along precipices. His truest obligation is to keep his balance." ~ Pope John Paul II