A Father's Love

The Foundation named in the memory of Daniel Pearl, the journalist who was slain in Pakistan almost three years ago, was created by his father. Judea Pearl tells others that"Through words and music, Danny communicated humor, joy and understanding in many corners of the world." And, he speaks of how the foundation promotes cross-cultural understanding through journalism and music.

Inspiring peace and understanding, the Daniel Pearl Foundation includes fellowships in American newsrooms to reporters from the Muslim world. J. Pearl believes that we cannot fight terrorism without the help of moderate Muslim's minimizing and marginalizing their own extreme elements. He says that when he sits down across the table from Muslims, they respect what he's trying to do and they see his son as a symbol of their fight against their own extremists.

Judea Pearl admired his son whose life was filled with passion, music and conversation..."Danny really loved people and strongly believed in loving your fellow human being."

On October 8, 2004, The Third Annual Daniel Pearl Music Day, a global celebration of Harmony for Humanity, took place with nearly 300 concerts in more than 30 countries! ~ Patty Ann Smith

Inspired by: Paula Zahn (CNN) interview and Stuart A. Hirsch article (INDYSTAR)