the DVD Signs Out of Time ~ the story of Dr. Marija Gimbutas

"What does the dance mean to the dancers.
How do we measure the beliefs that set those feet in motion."

Stories, myths, and songs from Marija’s childhood left a lasting impression that led her to become the archeologist who uncovered the truth about old Europe ~ hundreds of cultures all over ancient Europe that were never in our history books. She discovered that Old Europe was actually a peaceful culture without weapons and with high levels of culture and Art. Due to nothing being discovered before this, we accepted that militarism was the way we were supposed to live. We have a better history than we know. And, we can now shape new views of who we are as human beings and how we are capable of living.
Dr. Gimbutas’s extensive catalog of archeological findings throughout all of Old Europe, and later even beyond, uncovered ancient art of the goddess with imagings of designs of the earth ~ birds, animals, plants, stones, etc. ~ creating the cultural story through union of goddess and earth...and coming to realize that the goddess is simply a metaphor for the living earth ~ nothing more. Earth/goddess was the unity of all life in Nature....that has continually been depicted femininely in Ancient Primitive Art for thousands of years in many different cultures all over the world.