A Message from my friend, John, about Hatred and Racism

"My friend Dan has started a tribute week for songs that talk about hatred and racism.

I believe we are all emotionally racist to some extent. If you have ever walked down a street and have felt that you weren't safe when a black person, or a white person, or and Eastern Person or a Red person has walked by, then really , you are prejudging, which I suppose is more what this is.

Where we get past this is to realize that, emotionally that maybe how we feel, but we can choose not to be racist, through our actions towards others, and the respect we can give to each other. Until we are all ready to say " I am sorry about what we have done to you" and really mean it, then this will never, ever end.Look, we are all members of the human race, lets just say that, mean that, and please just live there.

Same for religious differences, do you really think God wants you to hate someone because they don't quite believe the same thing as you??? I can't imagine that would be true." ~ MonkeyLess John