from Farm Aid

Secret changes in your food - it's all about the seeds

It's that time of year when the Farm Aid kitchen table is littered with seed catalogs. Most of us are backyard gardeners (or deck gardeners for some of us urbanites). We often share seeds, seedlings, or much later in the season the abundance of our gardens. Ted can grow cilantro that dies in everyone else's garden. Glenda always has amazing tomatoes. Jen just keeps expanding her garden and is joking that this year she is going to sell CSA memberships of her own.
This is our small way of connecting to the farmers all across the country who are, at this time of year, planting seeds for our food or preparing to get their livestock back on pasture.
This month we're asking you to think about the seeds farmers are sowing this spring. Are they genetically modified? Do you want your table sugar to come from genetically modified sugar beets? What about your bread made with genetically modified wheat? How would you know?
Our friends at the Center for Food Safety just put out a new book ...check it out:
"Your Right to Know: Genetic Engineering and the Secret Changes in Your Food".