THE PRICE - Patty Ann Smith (click here)

song THE PRICE written by Bill Johns

Bill Johns, a passionate songwriter who also served 20 years in the United States Air Force, gave me the honor of singing and recording his song THE PRICE. He was at an Air Base in the middle east in 2004 when he wrote this song inspired by a personal experience he had. In Bill's words, "Our aircraft supported operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. The base was the biggest hub for the US, British and Australian everything coming and going came through there." Here are a few of Bill's powerful lines in THE PRICE:

The year may have changed but it’s oil still the game
and plain to see who’s getting’ paid
They send him everywhere never knowing when or where
or if he’ll see his family again
In an unarmored hummvee when the roadside IED
rips him from this world
Yea he knew the story
knew his blood they call glory
it’s his life they sacrifice
yea this man he paid the price

Bill Johns's dream is to perform his songs at peace benefits and charity fundraisers. He wants to spend the rest of his life (peacefully and non-violently) working for peace, the environment and any other social programs or issues.