We Are At The Crossroads

excerpts from a recent post by Jay at Willie Nelson Peace Research Institute:

People created families...People created tribes...People created nations...

People flourished. Now nations fight other nations. This is the normal way of life.

When nations unite under global leadership the global human family becomes strong. People can change...Those people who do not change will not be able to survive. They will be eliminated by the forces of nature as countless species and individuals have gone before them.

The planet will survive. The planet will survive because nature changes. The changes people now forced upon nature will create conditions that will become more or less devastating to the human species. We can decide how devastating these conditions will become.

It all depends on how soon people change. The people who change will survive. Soon, those who do not accept the changes demanded by the global human family will find it ever more difficult to continue. It has always been so.

There is no refuge in old patterns of thought and behavior. Everything changes and people must change to survive. There are many who understand this history, recognize the implications and are changing right now. You have a choice.

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