My Home ~ My Heart

We have a chance to grow naturally,
instead of crooked.
To appreciate both the light of day,
and the mysterious dark of night.
To discover what is heaven on earth...
and take care of it.
We need to become like little children again,
and discover nature like it was the first time!
A lot can be learned from
the plants and the animals,
the stars and the seasons.
Learning the ways of nature,
and modifying our lives to be more in tune with nature,
gives us back a freedom we've lost:
The freedom to be in control of our own health and happiness.
Seeing things again as a child
all fresh and new,
means we have to "let go" of what we no longer need,
and be willing to be that innocent child again who is
Spontaneous....Creative....and....filled with Joy!
~ Patty Ann Smith