The Edwards ~ Of The People, By The People, and For The People

What could be better for America than to have a President and First lady who know first hand the human condition and who even with their financial comfort can also be....of the people, by the people, and for the people. Like Al Gore said at a Memphis prayer breakfast during the 2000 campaign: "America has a rendezvous with redemption, and the spiritual question is the principle one."

I personally believe that with John and Elizabeth Edwards in the White House, America would be "getting it right". John and Elizabeth are what "spiritual" maturity is all about,
and it is that kind of spirituality that our country and the world sorely needs for transformational planetary changes to take place. Some of our greatest tests ahead will be about how compassionate and unselfish we can be.

When John and Elizabeth share with us the honesty and truth about their own lives like they have, we have an opportunity to enter into a partnership with them because deep down, their sorrows are our sorrows and their joys are our joys....and visa versa. Already, they have started us on our journey to resurrect our humanity. We are all in this together, and "they" are exactly what we need. John and Elizabeth make us remember that part of being human is to have compassion for each other.

Now, the whole world must boldly go into the future with global warming looming over all of us like the cancer Elizabeth and John have to go boldly into the future with. None of us can give up hope because hope gives us the ability to persevere to do the right things for all life. We will not be perfect and we will not always succeed.....BUT.....we can always have joy in the trying rather than the "nothingness" of quitting.

John and Elizabeth Edwards are two extraordinary people, and I wish them the "Best of Everything" in continuing their great healing work for America.. ~ Patty Ann Smith