The Better Part of Life

As a result of an event I witnessed recently, I 've been made even more mindful of how much mutual kindness, respect, and a little laughter play in being able to have some therapeutic healing and peace. As we have seen from the levees of New Orleans in Hurricane Katrina to the people we know or hear about who suffer with dangerous addictions...."quick fixes" are just bandaids and more often prove more damaging in the end. People who farm and others who work closely with the earth understand that natural processes can take time and are the natural way of things. However, in a modern day"instant gratification" paradigm, even highly skilled and educated professionals may not be able to see this. Because so much in their own successful careers is based on time and money, some could be judgmental about something they may not understand. When we are more aware of the precision of our machines than the workings of our natural systems, we might want to think about that.

A lot of mistakes are made ~ many fights have been fought, and blood pressure risen (which can damage the HEART) because of things not being done more quickly than we'd like them to be. Living linearly in a straight line is like being on an express train and not having a chance to see the scenery. We may be missing the better part of life when we miss the processes and the meaning of it. ~ Patty Ann Smith