2007: Addiction Recovery Must Begin

photo by Craig Smith

Many times in recent years, I've read about America being an "addicted society". Abusive over-consumption of oil, drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, shopping, eating ....to name just a few....has and is continuing to take its toll on our citizens. And, it's no "one" individual's fault. It is something that slowly occurred and then escalated over many, many years of subtle persuasions of certain things that in excess were neither healthy nor good for us....but were made to "look good" through the advertising of financially lucrative businesses that had much to gain by doing so.

So here we are in the beginning of the 21st century with a massive segment of our beloved population....in this very difficult and painful circumstance....that affects their finances, their relationships and their entire lives ....that they need "to give up "and "yet can't "at the same time. They are in a negative spiral they can't get out of.

Four out of six of my own "core" family members were substance dependent and are now dead. And, some of the dearest people I've ever known have been or still are substance abusive. I know the relationship baggage that comes along with knowing and loving a person who has an unhealthy self-destructive addiction. It's a hard road for all involved and can be devastating to families and communities.

Once someone gets into a negative-self-destructive loop, it takes so much energy and will power to get out of it and the vast majority give up. In the cycles of the seasons in the world of nature, "winter" is a time of rest and renewal, and since we're just at the beginning of a brand new year, this is an especially good time to think about where we want to go from here.

Of course, my point of reference is "first" to get outdoors and clear our heads a little by being with nature and the more natural things on this earth....to get in touch with something that's naturally part of you. It gives you a chance to think about "what really is the life you want to live?" and one step at a time, one day at a time, just begin to try to live it. Just maybe by going outdoors once in a while, you may find yourself making better decisions than you have before ~ for your precious life. Just start somewhere to begin improving your life. And, remember: "If you've never made a mistake, you've never lived." I don't know who wrote that but it works good for me! :) ~ Patty Ann Smith