What Music Means To Me

photo by Craig Smith Posted by Picasa

As a little girl, my first experiences with music were sharing ones: My Dad with his brothers....and Dad, me and "my" brothers....singing and playing music together. People were smiling, people were happy and having fun. These were truly some of the most caring, nurturing, and loving times throughout my dysfunctional childhood. Everyone contributing in their own way and everyone feeling a part of it. Everyone belonged to the music and everyone was happy....coming together and sharing the great joy of music.

I grew up believing that music had "healing power", and I had good reason to believe that because of how much it helped me. And, because of that, I've always wanted to share it with as many people as possible. It's a wonderful thing to see people smiling and happy together sharing music....whether singing, dancing or playing. I knew from my own early experiences in life that when people were doing any one of those three things....noone was ever fighting or hurting anybody, and all of our troubles melted away....even if it was....just for a little while. ~ Patty Ann Smith