"Regardless of our individual religious beliefs, what we all have in common is the Creator within each of us...God within...Christ Consciousness...etc. And, unless we have that...our Higher Consciousness cannot bloom." ~ Patty Ann Smith

"There's no right way to look at the world ~ there's only your perspective, my perspective, and the other guys perspective. It's only about our individual perspectives." ~ Buddhist

"Stress is just a resistance to what is."

"In the cycle of the sun, we have the shortest day of the year in the month of December and after that, comes the return of more light."...."Let there be light. This coming year, look for that which is meaningful and valuable in your life. We can all remember the Tsunami last December and hurricane Katrina this past August and September. It's good to always remember that you can work all your life for something and in seconds it can be gone. It's good to remember...and, also, to never forget to be grateful." ~ Patty Ann Smith