Music Can Carry a Message of Hope

Unfortunately, poverty and despair have not been unique at any time during World History. And, the song "Loch Lomond" was written over 250 years ago in "one of those times" in Scottish History that marked a war that was fought on Scotland's soil that left its' people defeated with thousands of lost lives, families destroyed, land and property taken and people plunged into poverty. Those who remained, appeared to face devastation. Not much different than people in many parts of the world today...including the United States. Yet, someone wrote a song 250 years ago that's still around today. And I wonder how many other unfortunate times in history since then, people sang that song or heard that song and it helped someone get through just one more day. Craig and I, through our music, can carry a message from Scottish ancestors in their time of struggle and despair and share in our time ~ the hope that's in this great song, "Loch Lomond".

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