In Honor of Nelson Mandela

"Inca Legend tells of a time when the world is turned upside down,
and a new consciousness emerges from it...
because we go within to know ourselves,
and heal the wounds of the past."

I can't think of any better time than right now to
"Begin" healing our wounds of the past.
Patty Ann Smith


Bees and Flowers

    Just don't forget to remember... "The Bees and the Flowers"

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Gateway To Peace

Gateway To Peace

We humans are a species on this Earth. By our own early choices of words, we derived our definition of "human" and "humbleness" from the word "humus" which means "soil" and "earth". And, yet, we are the only species on earth that continues to harm other forms of life that we need for our survival. It doesn't make sense and, frankly, it makes us pretty dumb. We are pumped up by thinking that we are the ones that can survive on this planet without the others...when, in fact, many of them will long out-survive us. "There are none so blind as those who do not see." All life intuitively knows what's right for it, except man. Man has lost his intuition. And, Why? Because he's losing his relationship with the earth, thinking he can do without it; thinking he can do without air or water or food. Man can't even undertstand Man anymore. And, again, the reason is because he is losing his relationship with the earth. Other species have simple and clear communication with each other and have no threat of becoming extinct...except Because of Man!

I believe that over 95% of the world's problems have been caused by misunderstanding what someone has done, what someone has said, or what someone is...and, that is the cause of most of our suffering. Many have been in horribly combative lives simply because of misunderstanding. And, I believe that relief from suffering will come from better understanding. Not necessarily through words, because some people can't speak, some can't read, some can't hear. I believe that better understanding will come through our feelings. "Feelings" are part of intuition, and intuition is part of our kinship to other living things on this planet. After a Tsunami, it was discovered that pockets of small indigenous tribes that survived were intuitively connected to the earth and had a great understanding of the ways of animals, wind, and water.

We seek happiness and find sorrow, instead. The things that come along in our daily lives that we use to fill up the void inside of us, we can easily become addicted to. Whether it's a belief or substance, it's because of a constant aching inside to feel we belong to something. And, until we accept that we, as humans, are part of nature...each of us will continue to become just a little more lost every time we let nature slip further and further away.

Patty Ann Smith

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Music is Healing

Art, Nature and Cultures

Healing Our Planet and Ourselves

Art, Nature and Cultures Healing Our Planet and Ourselves

Born feet first, I'm a natural dancer. I came into this world with my feet and toes moving to the rhythms of my life. Watching other inhabitants on this planet, such as the animals and plants, move to their own dances of life and listening to the sounds of their music, I began to see the intricate connection between humans and all other living things. Every single thing that lives here on this Earth is part of this planet. The natural processes of need by each and every organism brings into existance others to fill that need. Humans are just a small part of the story of life on Earth, because so many other creatures have been on this planet so much longer. If we want to survive as a species, we must understand and respect the entire living world's creatures.